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5 Day Sale in the Media — Tips to Sell Your Home Fast

View 5 Day Sale videos, learn how to sell your home fast by reading news articles from well-known publications such as the New York Times, visit online reviews, and learn more about George Cappony from the Press Room below.


Watch Video News Clips on the 5 Day Sale Method Video news clips
View news clips featuring this sell home fast method, "How to Sell Your Home in 5 Days" author Bill Effros, and George Cappony.

Press Room Press room
Downloadable information for your sell home fast speaking event publications featuring George Cappony. Use these materials to help promote your event.


High Speed Users Watch CNN Open House Segment

Dial-Up/56k Users Click Here to View Segment

CNN Open House Intro Segment

A streaming preview of 5 Day Sale as featured on CNN's Open House segment is to the left. To view the entire 4 minute segment about how to sell your home fast, click one of the buttons below the clip.

The CNN Open House 4 minute segment will play in Windows Media Player.


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