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Direct Mail Full Color Postcard Campaign

Announce Your Sale to All the Right Buyers

The Direct Mail Jumbo Postcard Campaign (8.5 x 5.5 size, full color on front, black ink on message side) is one of the most effective ways to attract highly-qualified buyers to your website and your open house. In some sales, as much as 37% of the homeowners who went to the open house found out about it through the direct mail campaign.


Immediate Response Direct Mail Campaign

How does it work?

Using current census information, we target your exact market based on the home values in your area. All qualified homeowners matching the marketing criteria for your home (within a 1-3 mile radius of your property) are mailed a postcard, written and perfected by marketing experts to elicit the highest response to your sale.

Almost all the marketing work is done for you! There are no stamps to stick or addresses to write. Simply fill in your custom details in a pre-written, proven effective template letter. The template contains intriguing headlines and potent copy proven to draw home buyers to the open house. Once you’ve completed the template with your home’s features--we’ll handle the rest. All postcards are professionally formatted; sent first class mail, with your property's address on the front and back. Postage is included in the price - nothing more to buy.

Each powerful package includes the following:

  • Time tested copy that is effective in sparking the interest of neighbors and getting them to take action: show up at your open house bringing their friends and relatives with them.
  • Customized information about your 5 Day Sale printed in the letters, including specs of the home and the street address
  • No stamps to stick or addresses to write — it's all done for you
  • 100% tax deductible (just ask your tax advisor, and he'll confirm it!).

Starting at $1,195.00

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Choose from the Packages Below:

Package A includes:


Package B includes:


Only $1,195.00

Only $2,295.00

Direct Mail Postcards Package B Direct Mail Postcard Package C
  • 1,000 full color jumbo postcards sent to your closest neighbors, with first-class postage paid.
  • 2,500 full color jumbo postcards sent to your closest neighbors, with first-class postage paid.

Only $1,195.00


Only $2,295.00

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