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  George Cappony
"Nationally Respected 5 Day Sale Real Estate Mentor, George Cappony, Reveals the Tactics to Sell Your House Fast and Your Stubborn Investment Property in Just 5 Days"

Don’t risk making costly mistakes when you sell your home fast! Discover George’s Successful Consulting Strategy that coaches you on how to sell your home fast, through everything from the classified ad to the round robin bidding and beyond, so you can get your sale done right the first time.

Selling your home on your own can be a process full of uncertainty.

"Can I really sell my house fast?" is a common concern among homeowners and investors needing to sell quickly. Without help, you could risk losing tens of thousands of dollars at the closing table. You're legally responsibly for your sale too, meaning you could unknowingly do something wrong and subject yourself to an unnecessary lawsuit.

Thankfully, there’s help.

Nationally known 5 Day Sale Consultant George Cappony is available to assist you sell your home fast (either onsite or via phone) in every single aspect of your sale; helping you through those crucial moments, ensuring your success, and safeguarding against any legal issues. Contact George Cappony for a FREE 30 minute consultation to discuss the specifics of your sale.

George Cappony is the nation’s foremost expert in how to sell your home fast using the
5 Day Sasle system. George brings over a decade of experience to the home sale event, offering you his expertise to give you the confidence to say "Yes! I can sell my house fast!" Whether you’re a veteran investor or selling your own home for the first time, George’s consulting can make the difference between a successful house sale and a failure.

A 5 Day Sale puts YOU in charge of the selling process, while George’s consultancy gives you a safety net to sell your home fast that removes a lot of the worry and doubt involved in your critically important real estate transaction. Every step of selling your home fast, George will be there; guiding you through this successful sales strategy from start to finish. Contact George Cappony now for a FREE 30 minute consultation!

George's 5 Day Sale Consulting Services Include:

George Cappony
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  • A Safety Net to Sell Your Home
    With George’s help you don’t have to sell your home unless you want to! George will show you how to implement a safety net when you sell your home fast whereby you have the ultimate power in approving or disapproving any prospective bids. You’ll be completely confident as you make the final decision on the sale of your property. Contact George Cappony for a FREE 30 minute consultation.
  • Increasing the Number of "Real Buyers" When You Sell Your Home Fast
    George coaches you on how to market your sale so that you have literally dozens and dozens of interested home buyers coming to see and bid on your home in just one weekend.
  • Get Top End of Fair Market Value
    Afraid that the highest bid for your home won't be high enough? George's strategy shows you how to sell your home fast and rejuvenate the bidding if you hit a snag, to help you get the top end of fair market value for your home.
  • How I Can Sell My House Fast by Developing a Marketing and Promotion Plan
    George will help you review all the amenities of home (also includes inspection, survey results, etc.) for optimal positioning to sell your home fast in the marketing campaign. Learn about the marketing materials available with George’s coaching.
  • Designing a Pricing Strategy to Sell Your Home Fast
    George will help you determine the "magic" number price so that you can sell your home fast by reaching the largest pool of potential buyers.
  • Identify Key Players to Help Sell Your Home Fast
    George will make sure you have the necessary professionals involved (i.e., settlement agent, mortgage broker etc.) to sell your home.
  • Prepare Informational Handouts/Brochures
    The tested templates of George’s sales system will help you design the quick description, detailed description, disclosures, and other documents necessary for distribution at the Open House. With George’s consulting, these are available through a Comprehensive Control Panel, that gives you access to information and template documents 24 hours a day!
  • Developing and Implementing an Internet Promotion Strategy
    An exclusive 5 Day Sale website designer will create a beautiful, site-specific website and an online promotion that will help sell your home fast by driving traffic to your open house.
  • Create an Inbound "800" Phone Number
    George will set up an 800 number for your home and show you how to get the most out of buyer phone calls with a script that suggests the best answers to every likely question buyers will ask the Seller looking to sell a house fast.
  • Create Advertising and Media Buy Plan to Sell Your Home Fast
    George will help you develop the classified ad that is guaranteed to generate traffic. He'll also determine the media plan and help you to execute the media buy to help you sell your home fast.
  • Create Unique Exterior Outdoor Signage
    All full consulting packages includes "brake screeching" yard signs, leader and feeder signs — all designed to help sell your home fast by increasing traffic to your open house.
  • Internet Traffic and Response Reporting
    George will monitor Internet traffic and phone calls for analysis of responses to keep you up to date on how your 5-Day Sale is progressing prior to your sale weekend. Learn more about how Internet marketing is a powerful tool to drive buyers to your Open House.
  • Coach You on How to Sell Your Home Fast
    George coaches you on how to sell your home fast by teaching you how to greet buyers at a 5 Day Sale Inspection/Open House so that the potential buyers are excited and feel comfortable leaving a bid. You will also learn the best way to show the home and how to highlight selling features of desire. Contact George Cappony to discuss the specifics of your sale.
  • Manage the Phone
    George will provide time-tested scripts to respond to any situation that can occur over the phone when you sell a house fast. Learn the secrets to tempting buyers, the best way to get appointments, and how to keep a log for the Rule of 25.
  • Lead the Open House
    You will be able to do this with confidence with the help of your 5 Day Sale Consultant. George will show you how to handle the final touches, distribute the informational handouts, meet with potential buyers, conduct tours, describe the bidding process, answer questions, and solicit each interested buyer's preliminary bid.
  • Coach "The Close"
    And finally, George will support you while you conduct the round-robin bidding process. With this process. You will end up with your best deal and multiple runner-ups in just one weekend.

Safeguarding the Success of Your Sale

With all of the above, you will have the confidence of a “PRO” to sell your home fast as a result of this dynamic coaching program. Best of all, the charge for George’s consulting is one, very affordable, flat fee for all of the above — not a commission like a broker. So take the next step — sign up to speak with George today. The start of a successful sale is just a phone call away!

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